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Millcroft Greens

Thank you for your interest in the Millcroft Greens application, a proposed new extension to the Millcroft Community, including a redesign of the Millcroft Golf Club.

The Millcroft Greens proposal prioritizes keeping the Millcroft Golf Club open, while mindfully integrating new single-family homes into the immediate community alongside enhanced open space and walking trails for the entire community to enjoy. We envision a successful new development with homes of exceptional quality that respect the existing community fabric and an improved golf experience. 

A public pre-application meeting was held on September 21, 2020, where interested residents participated in a zoom call with Millcroft Greens to learn more about the proposal. Following that, Millcroft Greens submitted a development application which was deemed complete by the City of Burlington in December 2020.

In March of 2021, Millcroft Greens hosted a two-day Public Information Meeting where over 60 delegations provided commentary on the applications. Further public consultation occurred via a community information Open House on September 10, 2021. Following this public consultation and based on additional input received from City of Burlington staff and various agencies, Millcroft Greens resubmitted its application on April 12, 2022. All documents included with the application submission are available to the public via the City’s website which can be accessed here


On June 28 of this year, Millcroft Greens filed an appeal with the Ontario Land Tribunal. This course of action was taken as a result of the City not providing a decision on the application within the statutory timeframe.


Should you have questions or comments regarding the application, please reach out using the form on this site.


Thank you.

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