residential plans


A new, yet familiar destination within Burlington, the Millcroft Community will be restructured to provide a more welcoming and safer golf experience, accompanied by prestigious and integrative residential living.

Residential Master Plan.

Mindfully considering the existing character of the Millcroft neighbourhood, the newly integrated residential parcels will remain architecturally consistent and complementary with the existing community.

Block A: Millcroft Pond.


  • Units: 33 Single Detached Homes

  • Walking Trails and 20ft Green Buffers

  • Access: Millcroft Park Drive

Block B: Millcroft Park Enclave.


  • Units: 42 Single Detached Homes

  • 20ft Green Buffer

  • Access: Millcroft Drive

Block C: Country Club Enclave.


  • Units: 16 Single Detached Homes

  • Integrated Golf Cart Path/Walkway

  • Enhanced Planting and 20ft Green Buffer

  • Access: Country Club Drive

Block D: Green View Court.


  • Units: 7 Single Detached Homes

  • Enhanced Planting & 6m Green Buffer

  • Access: Millcroft Park Drive 

Block E: Condo Block.


  • Units: 6 Storeys (+/- 130 Units)

  • Access: Dundas Street

Landscape Buffer

A 20-foot green buffer between the existing and proposed residential lands will be enhanced with vegetation to provide privacy and an aesthetic transition zone between developments. 

Maintained Community Fabric

Proposed residences will be mindful of the existing neighborhood by including complementary architectural features within the design.

Trails & Pond Feature

A series of pathways and trails will allow for greater connectivity between residential areas and community open spaces.


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