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Why Is Millcroft Greens Developing the Golf Course?


Millcroft Greens is a joint-venture partnership between Argo Development Corporation and Millcroft Golf Club.


We are developing the golf course because it presents an excellent infill opportunity to introduce a few parcels of residential development, while continuing to maintain and operate an 18-hole golf course. We believe that we are better suited to deliver a seamless addition of housing to the Millcroft Community than anyone within the development industry.


We believe this for a number of reasons:


  1. The standard practice across Ontario has been to redevelop golf courses in their entirety. That is not our intention at Millcroft Golf Club; we are only looking at developing five carefully selected blocks. This approach allows us to preserve a challenging executive-style 18-hole golf course at a shorter length.

  2. Golf Course redevelopments typically involve increased density—often a significant increase—relative to the surrounding communities. At Millcroft, we are only considering single-family homes that are compatible with the existing community fabric for the new development that abuts the golf course. We are not considering townhomes, stacked-towns or semi-detached homes. A six-storey mid-rise building is also being proposed along Dundas Street, but this will not have an adverse effect on the golf course, or the surrounding neighbourhood. It will be on the opposite side of the Hydro Corridor for the majority of the community.

  3. Our goal in preserving an 18-hole golf course is to continue to support the sport in two distinct ways: first, we will amend the course to be shorter in length, which is on trend with new golf course development, second, we will preserve a community course within our neighbourhood, an increasingly rare amenity.


We can confidently state that this is not the standard approach when it comes to golf-course redevelopment, but is one that we believe balances the need for new single family executive homes while complimenting our community.


Why did Millcroft Greens say they were pursuing development due to safety concerns?


We understand that the concerns raised about safety may feel overblown to some, especially to those who may be trading the occasional broken window for the possibility of their lot no longer backing onto the golf course. However, this does not change the fact that there are ongoing issues with the design of the course. These issues continue to impact the operations of the course and while safety is not the primary reason that Millcroft Greens is pursuing development, we believe that the changes being proposed will significantly mitigate structural issues by shortening and redesigning the layout of the course. The outcome will be a course that is safer for everyone, welcoming for beginners and inviting for a family friendly atmosphere.


How will Millcroft Green Impact Property Values?


Millcroft Greens is looking at developing five parcels of land within the property, while maintaining an 18-hole golf course. That means that the majority of homes that currently abut the golf course will not be directly impacted by the proposed development.


For residents who live immediately adjacent to Blocks A, B, C and D, we have taken the following measures to help retain property values:

  • We are only developing single family homes that replicate the current community fabric. All homes will have at least a 50 foot frontage and will range in size from 2,500 square feet to over 4,000 square feet. All new home prices in Millcroft Greens are projected to range from approximately $1.7 million to over $2 million (in current market conditions).


  • We will be providing a 20 foot landscape buffer between new and existing properties to help address privacy concerns. This landscape buffer will be professionally maintained by the condominium corporations that will be created as a result of the new developments.

  • We will be providing compensation to those individuals who are immediately impacted by the various development blocks. The proposed range of compensation was communicated directly to these homeowners at a private meeting held on February 19th at the Burlington Convention Centre.


Block E is also being proposed along Dundas Street. This will not have an adverse effect on the golf course or the surrounding neighbourhood, as it will be on the opposite side of the Hydro Corridor for the majority of the community.

How can we be assured this is not the first phase of a multiphase plan and that you won’t be back in 5 years for more?


As we mentioned in our meeting on February 19th, it is not our intention to develop any further parcels of land. We are currently only looking at the five proposed blocks and are making a multimillion dollar investment into the golf course to convert it into an executive style course. The current owners of the Millcroft Golf Club have retained a 50% ownership stake of Millcroft Greens in order to continue operating the golf course once these changes are completed.

Why did you pick the parcels in your plans?

When Millcroft Greens embarked on this process, we reviewed all opportunities for development throughout the property to evaluate our potential options. At that time, there were three major criteria guiding our decision-making process:

  • Respecting the significant environmental features and floodplain hazards within the property

  • Understanding and working with typical development setbacks to the gas pipeline running through the course limits to ensure safe and responsible planning

  • Ensuring the continued operation of an 18-hole golf course


By taking these factors into consideration, we were able to develop the concept for the redesigned Millcroft Golf Club and select areas for expansion of the Millcroft Community.

What makes you think that an executive golf course is a viable option for Millcroft Greens?


We are developing Millcroft Greens, first and foremost, because we think it is a good development opportunity. But we also see the opportunity for an executive golf course as a model for accommodating the need for a friendly, approachable golf experience. Our wish is for Millcroft Golf Club to become a destination for seniors, couples, families, casual players and beginners.


We acknowledge that there will be a portion of the existing Millcroft Golf Community  who will be unhappy with the proposed changes. We hope that over time this group will agree that we have developed a new course design that will please golfers of all skill levels and bring new opportunities to the community.


On the February 19th meeting you said a letter would be sent offering further details on compensation. Why hasn’t anything been sent?


Since our initial impacted homeowners meeting, we have heard from many members of the community with regards to compensation and the proposed private landscape buffer. There have been several creative ideas on compensation as well as several recommendations related to the landscape buffer. This feedback has led us to “push pause” to allow our team to complete an internal review and consideration.


We want to be extremely clear that we remain committed to compensating impacted homeowners. We define impacted homeowners as anyone whose property currently abuts one of the four parcels along the golf course earmarked for development. This compensation will be paid if Millcroft Greens receives the necessary approvals for our plans, as proposed, to move forward.


Technical Questions related to green space, traffic, environment, conservation, engineering, schools, etc.

There have been a number of questions raised related to technical issues about the application. At this time, Millcroft Greens has not made a formal submission to the city of Burlington. There is a list of criteria you can view here, that details every report and study that is required as part of a formal submission.

Once our submission is made, these reports will become part of the public domain and you will be able to see how Millcroft Greens addresses all of these concerns. We will satisfy all of the criteria related to traffic, green space, engineering studies, environmental conservation etc. as laid out by the City of Burlington, the Region of Halton, Conservation Halton and all other relevant agencies.

Note: This FAQ will continue to be updated periodically. We encourage you to ask more questions using the contact form below. 


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